6 Questions
 2 Possible Answers
  5 Days a Week

Do you have what it takes to exercise your mind as well as your body? Start playing the top trivia game for Fitbit today and become a trivia champ!

Compatible with Fitbit Versa™

Exercise your mind and your body

AB Trivia is a trivia game designed specifically to be played on a smartwatch. Available now for the Fitbit Ionic™ and Fitbit Versa™.

Play On Your Own Time

Six new questions every weekday, available whenever you have a spare moment for some mental fitness. But be careful - one wrong answer and your streak is over!

Two Possible Answers

For simplicity, each question only has two available choices - A or B. Some of these will be Multiple Choice and others will be True or False. However...

Earn Achievements

...the questions get harder as the week goes on! Keep at it to unlock achievements, and don't forget to Tweet your results!

Download AB Trivia

The most popular trivia game on the Fitbit platform!

Just search for "AB Trivia" in the Fitbit App Gallery.


Questions are sourced from the Open Trivia Database, and cover General Knowledge, Science, Entertainment, History, and more!

Download AB Trivia

Exercise your mind as well as your body, and earn achievements!

Just search for "AB Trivia" in the Fitbit App Gallery.